I was born in Perth, Scotland in 1970. I studied Fine Art (Printmaking) at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, graduating with a BA Honours degree in 1993.

I worked for over 20 years running the screenprinting department at Edinburgh Printmaker’s workshop. This involved working on print projects with a number of artists and teaching courses in printmaking. I now work full time on my own practise as well as freelance teaching and printing editions for other artists.
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Over the years I have travelled around Scotland and Europe, sketching and photographing landscapes and flora, creating prints and watercolours inspired by the dramatic and beautiful landscapes I have encountered.

I am fascinated by landscape, from the textures and colours to its form and composition. When I am drawing, surrounded by nature, especially in more remote areas, I feel incredibly content, quietly observing and recording what is before me. Whether it is an invigorating blustery day or one of utter stillness and astounding light I want to capture that feeling of serenity from being there and to take that memory home with me.

In the sketches I make the line is of prime importance. The line becomes the link between me physically being in a place drawing, to it appearing in the my final screenprint. It is the constant in my work around which planes of colour and textures develop through the printmaking process. Making layers, trying to get the colours just right and mixing subtle blends all add to the anticipation in revealing the final image from the press. A combination of method and intuitiveness that keeps me intrigued by the printmaking medium.

Ultimately, discovering raw, elemental and often beautiful landscapes is my true inspiration and what draws me away from the busyness of the city where I live and work. The experience of drawing outdoors restores my energy and calms my thoughts - a feeling of tranquility that I hope is conveyed in my prints.

About printmaking

If you would like to know more about the process of printmaking. This screenprinting film, created by Edinburgh Printmakers shows the screenprinting process step-by-step.


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All images © Gillian Murray